In life, there can be situations where fast and safe medical transport becomes absolutely essential. In these moments, chartering an air ambulance offers unparalleled benefits, providing immediate medical assistance and comfortable transportation to the best medical facilities in the world. As a private jet broker, we specialize in organizing this type of service, delivering the highest level of care and professionalism to our clients.

What is Air Ambulance Charter?

Air ambulance charter is a medical transport service utilizing airplanes or helicopters specially equipped to transport patients requiring urgent medical care. These flying units are outfitted with advanced medical equipment and staffed by qualified medical personnel, ensuring safe and fast transport to hospitals or other medical facilities.

Why Choose Air Ambulance Charter?

  1. Express Transport: In crisis situations, every minute counts. Chartering an air ambulance allows for rapid travel from point A to point B, bypassing any obstacles on the ground.
  2. Highest Level of Medical Care: Our air ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, and onboard are experienced doctors and paramedics. We ensure that patients receive the best possible care during transport.
  3. Access to Hard-to-Reach Locations: For patients located in remote areas, medical helicopters can reach places where traditional ambulances cannot.
  4. Comfort and Privacy: Chartering a private air ambulance ensures not only speed and safety but also comfort and privacy, which is especially important for VIP patients or public figures.

How Does the Air Ambulance Charter Process Work?

Step 1: Patient Condition Assessment

First, we assess the patient’s health condition and medical needs. Based on this assessment, we select the appropriate type of air unit (helicopter or airplane) and necessary medical equipment.

Step 2: Logistics Organization

Next, we handle the logistics – selecting the appropriate airport or takeoff and landing site, obtaining all necessary permits, and coordinating ground transport.

Step 3: Flight Preparation

The air unit is thoroughly prepared for the flight. We check the medical equipment and inform the medical staff about the patient’s health condition.

Step 4: Patient Transport

On the day of the flight, the patient is transported to the takeoff site and safely placed on board the air unit. During the flight, medical staff monitor the patient’s condition and provide necessary care.

Step 5: Patient Handoff

Upon arrival at the destination, the patient is safely transferred to the destination medical facility, where their care continues.

Who is Air Ambulance Charter For?

Air ambulance charter is the ideal solution for:

  • Patients requiring immediate medical intervention.
  • Individuals with severe injuries or illnesses needing fast transport to specialized medical facilities.
  • VIP patients or public figures needing private and discreet medical transport.
  • Organizations and companies needing fast and safe medical transport for their employees or clients.

What are the Costs of Air Ambulance Charter?

The costs of chartering an air ambulance can vary depending on several factors, such as the distance to be covered, the type of medical equipment used, and the specific needs of the patient. Regardless of the cost, our priority is to provide the highest level of care and safety for our clients.


Air ambulance charter is a reliable and effective solution in situations where every minute counts. With fast, safe, and comfortable medical transport, patients can receive the necessary assistance in the shortest possible time. If you or someone you know requires immediate medical transport, contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help. In critical moments, choosing the right transport can save lives.