In the world of aircraft charters, the term “empty legs” is becoming increasingly popular. For those unfamiliar with this concept, it presents a unique opportunity to experience the luxury of private jet travel at a significantly reduced cost. In this article, we will explore what empty legs are, the benefits they offer passengers, and how to take advantage of these flights to optimize your air travel.

What Are Empty Legs?

Empty legs, also known as empty flights or repositioning flights, refer to the flights that operate without passengers on board. This usually happens when a private jet needs to return to its base after a one-way flight or reposition to another location to pick up the next set of passengers. Instead of flying empty, jet owners offer these flights at a lower price, creating an excellent opportunity for customers looking for a luxurious travel experience at a fraction of the usual cost.

Benefits of Traveling on Empty Legs

  1. Financial Savings One of the most significant advantages of empty legs is the potential for substantial savings. These flights can be offered at up to 50-75% less than standard private jet charters. This makes it an ideal solution for those who want to enjoy the comfort of a private flight while keeping their budget in check.
  2. Luxury and Comfort Traveling by private jet is synonymous with luxury and comfort. Passengers on empty legs can enjoy spacious interiors, high-quality services, and the privacy that is hard to find on commercial airlines. Additionally, private terminals offer faster check-ins and no long queues, significantly enhancing the travel experience.
  3. Flexibility Although empty legs have predetermined routes and schedules, there is often some flexibility to tailor certain flight details to the passenger’s needs. This can include minor changes to the travel plan that would not be possible with standard commercial flights.
  4. Speed Private flights are usually faster than commercial ones, mainly due to avoiding lengthy check-in and security procedures. Moreover, private jets can use smaller airports, which often means shorter travel times to the final destination.

How to Find Empty Leg Flights

  1. Our Social Media

    Our team regularly posts empty leg offers on our Instagram and LinkedIn. It’s worth checking these platforms frequently to stay updated with the latest offers.

    2.Aero Charter Solutions

    Working with an experienced air charter broker can be crucial in finding the best empty leg deals. We have access to a wide database of flights and direct contacts with aircraft operators, increasing the chances of finding the perfect flight.

What to Expect When Booking Empty Legs

When booking an empty leg flight, it’s important to keep a few key points in mind:

  1. Flexibility in Planning Since empty legs depend on previously scheduled flights, passengers need to be flexible regarding departure dates and times. In return, they can enjoy significant savings.
  2. Limited Availability Empty leg flights are usually available on short notice, making it challenging to plan trips well in advance. However, for those ready to make spontaneous decisions, this is an excellent opportunity for a luxurious trip.
  3. Contract Conditions Before booking, make sure to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions to avoid surprises. Ensure you are aware of the cancellation policies, changes to the travel plan, and any additional fees.

Who Are Empty Legs For?

Empty leg flights are not for everyone but offer an excellent option for certain groups of travelers:

  1. Business Travelers For those traveling for business who value time and comfort, empty legs can be an ideal solution. They allow for quick and comfortable travel between cities, often with minimal waiting time at airports.
  2. Families and Groups of Friends Private jets offer more space and comfort than commercial airlines, making them a perfect choice for families and groups of friends. An empty leg flight can also be a great way to start a vacation uniquely.
  3. Luxury Seekers For those who want to experience the luxury of a private jet without the full charter cost, empty legs are a great option. It’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy top-quality services and comfort at a significantly reduced price.


Empty legs are a unique opportunity for travelers who want to experience the luxury of private jet travel without the high costs. With significantly reduced prices, flexibility, and the luxury that private flights offer, empty legs are becoming increasingly popular among various groups of travelers. Whether you are traveling for business, with family, or simply seeking a luxurious adventure, it’s worth considering this option when planning your next flight.